Specialising in

  • In-house construction and assembly of Mechanical Services Switchboards or distribution boards up to Form-2B Segregation
  • Testing and construction to AS/NZS 3439 standards
  • Construction and testing to AS/NZS 61439 standard coming May 2021
  • Working partnerships with specialist board builders to supply Form-3 and above assemblies
  • On-site upgrades and complete MSSB re-builds
  • ABB VSD supplier
  • The ABB ACH580-01 is the world wide leading drive for HVAC functionality
Switch Boards & Drives


Our Electrical Engineering and Drafting team are there to provide technical design advice to our current and prospective clients. We continue to deliver

Switch Boards & Drives

MEC specialise in the design and manufacture of Mechanical Services Switchboard or MSSB’s commonly abbreviated. Each design is unique and tailored for


We offer an experienced team dedicated to providing a safe working environment on any project. Our team will work in conjunction with all parties to ensure

Fault Finding & Commissioning

With MEC every project goes through vigorous testing to ensure there are no faults and the system is working as intended.

Fault Finding
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